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Monday, September 18, 2006
Cos I am already sick of NIE canteen food

3-4 Strips of chicken breast marinated in honey mustard marinade- steamed and cut into bite-sized pieces.
4-5 leaves of lettuce, torn(?) into bite-sized pieces.
2 button mushrooms, sliced and cooked briefly in the microwave.
1 stalk of celery, chopped, which will yield you about a handful of celery pieces.
As much raisins as you like!

After 2 days of peanut butter jelly wholemeal sandwiches, I decided to pack my own salad today, and it was YUMS!

Yes, I am still in school ...

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Still learning, after all.

A comment to a friend a couple of weeks ago:

When you are 21 you feel like you are such an adult and you know everything. But when you hit about 23 or 24, you go WHAM BAM, s*** I know nothing at all!

And that, is an everyday experience for me.

That's why I am still learning...
..to tolerate the insufferable people
..to not label these people as insufferable
..to count to ten when I feel the fuse burning dangerously
..to not procrastinate
..to remember the optimism I had when I was 21
..to also remember Anne Shirley's "Tomorrow's a brand new day with no mistakes in it yet"
..and to stop wearing my 39baht pink-and-white slippers on a rainy day for they have indeed made blue-black THE fashion statement for me. I am so going to grow up to become a rheumatic old lady.

I don't know everything. And secretly, I am glad for that.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

1 individual assignment and 2 group projects within this month.

More to come in October.

*takes deep breath*

Can be done.


And it helps with a quite-booked week ay?

Tonight was stay-in dinner where I made Japanese beef curry with potatoes and carrots and onions (okay, so I used the packaged sauce :P), stir-fried french beans and button mushrooms and erm, fried egg with soya sauce as per Mr. Kho's request via SMS at approximately 4:40pm.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Yuan Yuan! Haven't met that girl for like 2 years, perhaps? I've lost count!

Wednesday night is dinner with the D3 girls :)

Thursday night is cell group with a bunch of new found friends who seem very nice indeed.

And I've lost count of what I am supposed to do this weekend.

My brain cells are seriously shrinking, which is a complete mystery as:
1. I am a teacher-to-be, damnit!
2. I've been eating up books. 2-3 books per week. Don't ask my how or why. Blame it on the Singaporean transport system.

Anyway, the truth of my shrinking brain is evident in my newest made-up lame joke:
"Man...I really need to Peeeeee .... I hope there is no Queue inside."

Really, ladies and gentlemen, hold your laughter. For only Justin guffawed heartily when I told him while other people merely did a polite chuckle or went like "OMG Sze you are completely mad!"

Nothing beats this friend of mine who continued by saying:
"aRe you quite sure of that? Don't be such an aSs! You must have had too much Tea!"

I am so closing down this blog when I begin teaching. I don't want no 16-year-old young punk reading all this junk about his Lit teacher, ho ho.

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And so it is.
Cos I am already sick of NIE canteen food
Still learning, after all.
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