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Saturday, October 30, 2004

This is pretty scary, in connection with the case on Ms Canny Ong who was raped and killed last year. A friend stopped at a pay-at-the-pump gas station to get gas.Once she filled her gas tank after paying at the pump and about to leave, the attendant inside came over the speaker. He told her that something happened with her card and
that she needed to come inside to pay.

The lady was confused because the transaction showed complete and approved. She told
him that and was getting ready to leave but the attendant once again urged her to come in to pay or else.

She proceeded to go inside and started arguing with the attendant about his threat. He told her to calm down and listen carefully: He told her that while she was pumping gas, a guy slipped into the back seat of her car on the other side and he
had called the police. She immediately became scared and looked out there in time to see her car door open and the guy slip out.

The report is that the new gang initiation thing is to bring back a woman's body part. One way they are doing this is crawling under girls/women's cars while they're pumping gas or at grocery stores in the night time. Then, they will cut of the legs
ankles to disable them in order to kidnap them, kill and dismember them.

The other way is slipping into unattended cars and kidnapping the women to kill and
dismember them.

Please pass this on to other women, young and old alike.

Be extra careful going to and from your car at night. If at possible, don't go alone! This is real!!

The message:
1. ALWAYS lock your car doors, even if you'regone for just a second.
2. Check underneath your car when approaching it for re-entry, and check in the back before getting in.
3. Always be aware of your surroundings and other individuals in your general vicinity, particularly at night!

Got this in my Friendster bulletin -- titled "Happened in Penang". I am not sure of its authenticity but at the rate things are going right now -- I can't say that the fear is not within me. I worry a lot for my mom and my sister who drives alone very often (though my mom would argue that I am the only one who drives alone AT NIGHT).

Argh. Careful hor. *that is to you Lee Wye Meng who has to drive in big bad KL all alone all the time*

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Friday, October 29, 2004
So maybe it won't happen after all.

Some of you might have already known how excited I was a couple of weeks ago, planning for my maiden backpacking trip with my sister. We had planned to go to Sydney for about a week -- making up on what we missed the last time we went and also to explore around some more. My parents had promised my sister a trip after her exams since after MY SPM exams, they packed me off to Bermuda for this wonderful 6-week holiday which also included a week at Toronto, courtesy of my aunt, Jeannie. And they wanted me to accompany her. So I thought - cool!

My mom was totally against the idea as she wanted us to sign up with some tour agency which we were adamantly against -- nasty visions of crying babies, loud mouth aunties and naggy old ladies came to our mind. As my sister is busy studying (when is she ever NOT studying!??!) for her exams, the job of planning and persuading fell upon me. So I checked out quite a lot of things and I thought I had since convinced my mother.

Then it dawned upon me.

For those who know, I try hard to earn my own allowance here--through tuition and whatever odd jobs (well, so far it's been only ONE) that I can find. Since my scholarship pays for school fees and the allowance given is just right for hall fees, my 3 tuition classes pretty much covers my necessary expenses. So, I basically don't allow myself to ask my parents for money unless it's completely necessary -- so far I've survived July till now with only 100 bucks assistance from the parents (Darned EHOC which shot up my phone bill).

So I was thinking: isn't it futile of me working so hard to get me OFF my parents' financial burden if I take their money for this trip? The expenses for both of us inclusive of airfare and one week accomodation will probably come up to about RM6000-RM7000 -- may seem like a pretty reasonable price to pay for a holiday for two. But since I've been working so hard to SAVE money for my parents, it is just not logical to blow it all away by one selfish desire for a holiday.

Then again, there is my sister who has been longing for a break.

How? Haven't had the time to talk to my dad yet. He is back in Sabah. Again. *sigh*

Never mind. Romanticism essay's more important. By the way, a brief discussion with a classmate during yesterday's CDA class revealed a very important point: this is the first semester ever that everyone (in Arts, at least) seems to have 4-5 term papers/essays due within the last 2 weeks of school. We have since concluded that it is a conspiracy between all Arts lecturers.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Just got off the phone with Ling -- this picture was taken during last CNY when we met up for lunch and a movie. It's her birthday today (29 October). This date used to be significant for something else. But now it's significant because it's one of my closest friends' birthday.It was really good hearing the 'wei...' that we tease her so often about. It was good hearing her talk so excitedly, as always. Dang I miss the Form 6 days again :) Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Now this is what I call creating social awareness

I have been busy these days not only because of my term papers but also because of EVC's Social Awareness Week. It has been a relative success so far in its 3 days of operation -- having earned SGD465 -- the highest that I've seen in the past 2 years. However, money issues aside, the objective of this SAW is mainly to create awareness amongst hall residents, cos many of them have stayed in hall for four years and have somehow NOT KNOW that there are Eusoffians who volunteer their services every week.

As of yesterday, 2 people have come up to me expressing interest to join EVC -- that means more to me than anything else :) Really :)

By the way, if I used to say that I don't like rainy days -- I take it back :)

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Monday, October 25, 2004
Lesson reinforced.

So I was standing at the Central Forum's bus stop waiting for the bus back to hall. While I was there, there was this girl dressed in a white sleeveless striped collared cotton top -- something your mom would have made you wear when you were about 10 or 12 -- waist high blue jeans folded right to the ankle, black reeboks (it looked like jazz shoes somehow) -- mean ol' me just dismissed her as another PRC. Okay, sorry!

Anyway, she was on the phone and was talking increasingly loudy. The first sentence I heard was "......you DARE to say.....".

Okay. So I thought -- someone who is very angry. Ah well.

"So where do you want to meet now you ugly f***ing bastard?"


The lesson reinforced here is to never judge a book by its cover. I had my fair share of a minor culture shock when I first came here cos 90% of the people I knew were swearing like ....well..UNLIKE people in Ipoh. OF course people in Ipoh swear, just that theirs were Cantonese swear words and somehow, my close girlfriends and my own friends were not the swearing kind at all.

But I never thought that SHE would be like that. After that she rattled off with another whole line of obscenities while I boarded the bus behind her. As we reached the bus stop, I wanted to alight from the back while she wanted to alight from the front door. So we had to pass. Okay I am not small and I have a huge backpack. She gave me a slight push and a "tsk" sound. What cheek!

On a totally unrelated note, people who use the common computers in the Central Library to surf on Eonline, MTV.com, Friendster and other such websites while at least 6 other people are waiting patiently (not?) should be shot and left to die a horrible death.

I've nothing against them. I just pity the people who are always waiting and waiting.

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Stolen from Joy out of stress-induced boredom.

1. What's on your bedside table?
I don't actually have a bedside table but my fridge is next to my bed so on it I have a slow cooker (courtesy of my loving parents who know I can't survive 3 months without soup), a box of tissues and my trusty alarm clock.

2. What's the geekiest part of your music collection?
My Fair Lady mp3s?

3. What do you eat/drink when you raid your fridge at night?
Tea. Whatever fruit that is available. I keep healthy food in my room and the unhealthy ones in Justin's so that I don't get tempted too often. Muahaha.

4. What is your secret guaranteed weeping film?
I don't weep at films. I tear. Oh but the film that got me weeping OUT OF TERROR AND FEAR was Battle Royale. The first one.

5. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
Is there some fat removal thingy that is not liposuction? That's about it I suppose. Lasik doesn't fall under plastic surgery right?

6. Do you have a completely irrational fear?
Of being tied up and left in a very small box. Yes I am claustrophobic.

7. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
When I start looking at my nails and start doing weird things to my fingers.

8. Do you ever have to beg?

9. Do you have too many love interests?

10. Do you know anyone famous?

11. Describe your bed.
It's a very simple bed frame with a mattress which is too soft for my liking. Currently has 2 pillows on it, one beige and one is white with retro purple and pink circles on it. The bedsheet and bolster cover is of the same pattern. I have a fuschia Ikea travel blanket and a blue towel blanket on it as well. Oh and my Forever Friends bear :)

Home: Queen bed which I share with my sister. Usually pink floral bedsheets but as of now, there are 2 leopard print cushions on the bed as well. Thanks to my sister.

12. Spontaneous or plan?
Plan. Too much. Too many lists.

13. Who should play you in a movie about your life?
Sally Yeh. I know she is too old but it was the first that popped into my head.

14. Do you know how to play poker?

15. What do you carry with you at all times?
Phone, transponder, wallet.

16. How do you drive?
Too slow for some people's liking :)

17. What do you miss most about being little?
The time to read. The time spent with family now that I have finally come to the shocking realisation that in about 2 years time I'd hardly have time to go home save festive seasons.

18. Are you happy with your given name?

19. What color is your bedroom?
Hall - stark white. Home - purply pink with a blue Laura Ashley border wallpaper.

20. What was the last song to which you were listening?
Andy Hui - Wei Du Ni Bu Ke Qu Dai (Canto).

21. Have you ever been in a school play?
Sort of. Yea.

22. Have you ever been in love?

23. Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?
Most of the time yes.

24. Have you ever done any illegal drugs?

25. Do you think you're cute?
After the earlier discussion about MsianPrettyGirls ---- NO!!!

26. Do you consider yourself a nice person?

By the way......
Finding out that one of your term papers is due on 8th November and not 1st November as you had thought is the BEST BEST thing to ever happen when you are in the midst of worrying about schoolwork and other things!!!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

I thought I was in some sort of panic state this evening when I was calculating the little time I have left to finish all my term papers. As usual, I procrastinate terribly and yup, my CDA paper is not done till now. I've reached the 12 page limit yup no doubt, but somehow something is not right with the paper and I began getting really confused by the various theories and stuff laid out in front of me. Picture me in front of my desk, in between my laptop and I are papers, handwritten notes (I cannot start a paper without a structure of some sort), on my left are more articles and on my right another stack of articles.

I am sick sick sick of Marie France.

I'd be long gone if not for Oolong Tea.

Anyway, apparently I was not in THAT a panic state after all. I decided to *blah* my paper for the time being and Justin messaged to tell me that he has gotten Ep 7 of Apprentice 2. Stacy is out...Stacy is out!!!! I've been waiting for her to be FIRED ever since I don't know when. And we watched The Green Screen over dinner.

For those of you who know this programme (the one with Drew Carey and the rest - something like Whose Line is it but it's more on improvisation and with cool animations and duh, a green screen) - I have a question:

I don't think this show is really "LIVE". Y'see -- the actors seem to interact so well with the animations, and the animations come on screen at the split second after the actor mentions it. How would they do it if it were really truly "live"?

Can someone answer that?

I prefer Whose Line over this anyway. But that was useless information.

I shall be bad. I shall leave the CDA paper as it is now - unedited, uncited, dangerously over page limit - until tomorrow. Should start THINKING about Romanticism.

By the way, I don't think I can make it home over the study week. Lots of work to be done before the finals. Though I really want to make it back for Ernie's 10th birthday. Dang.

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Friday, October 22, 2004
Grossed out.

First, Siew Yee and I had a good laugh over 'MsianPrettyGirls' on Friendster, along with its counterpart, 'MsianHandsomeBoys'.

Slowly, you see 'glamour girls' and what-have-yous.

And guess what is the newest thing?!?! There is a 'couples corner'!!!! Can you believe it?

All these 'exclusive groups' ("please don't get offended if you are rejected, we are very strict, only pretty girls can join" and you take a look and wonder why on earth did you never think of joining Ms Universe or something) together with messages from completely-unknown-possibly-sleazy-strangers ("Hi I am going clubbing tonight, want to go with me?" "I think you are so hot can I be your friend" "cn i add u") sickens me.

So apart from reconnecting me with friends from all over (KK, Ipoh, Singapore, KL, the numerous schools, the numerous neighbourhoods) - Friendster is just another eyesore, another tool for guys to pick up girls (does mIRC still exist?) and....*starts remembering the act-cute girls in school with unbuttoned pinafores, unbuttoned blouses, knee high socks and shrill high pitch voices*

*shudders and trots back to term paper*.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dimsum date with AMC friends and their Sam Tet buddies :) Posted by Hello

Testing out this Hello Picasa thingy. Cool :)

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Monday, October 18, 2004
Hey look it's Wye Meng!!

Haha girl - just my lil way to welcome you aboard :)

After much procrastination, I have FINALLY finished Ivanhoe! Considering that Joy spent an entire summer reading it - having finished it in approximately 2 weeks is a considerable feat :) I am disappointed in the ending though - which real 'hero' wins a battlefight just because your opponent "died a victim to the violence of his own contending passions"? Ah well.

So I suppose I have to finally start on Molloy - terribly behind in THAT! I'd have to read that along with The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (or as Dr. Dawson insists, Notre-Dame de Paris, complete with the French twang to it). And we are actually approaching the end of the semester!

Term papers/Essays that are yet to be done:
29 October: Critical Discourse Analysis term paper
29 October: Romanticism essay
1 November: Feminism term paper
1 November: American Law term paper
5 November: Modern Period essay

Exciting. Downright fun.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Sze's been bad this weekend

I went to JB instead of working on my term papers and catching up on my readings *blehh*

Justin and I had planned this little leap across the causeway last week and so we left with Hui Siang yesterday afternoon. Watched New Police Story and it was GOOD! This is coming from someone who usually pooh-poohs Jackie Chan films! Go go go watch it! Justin and I arranged to watch it at JB just so that we could watch the Cantonese version of it but I am sure that the Mandarin version would be just as good - just that Canto versions crack me up a bit more. But this is really good. Or did I say that already?

Anyway we spent the rest of the night eating (what else?) before meeting up with Chen Fei and Harn Ni for supper. There is this new hangout place at JB right now called Danga Bay and it's like an Esplanade meets East Coast Park meets Riverside Kuching kinda place. It's a very un-Malaysian-like concept and yea we had fun there just taking a walk, cracking lame jokes and somehow Justin and Hui Siang got on this really boring fun fair ride :) Ended the night with mamak supper (oh my un-ending craving for roti bom) and some soccer match.

This morning? It was eating again :) And it's back here again - I told Justin that since the dreary rain stopped the moment we reached hall, it's a sign that God wants us to just take a shower and study - not sleep. He claims that God just wants us to get back to hall without getting wet in the rain. Oh well. Out of point.

And btw - "mulling over weighty issues" on my MSN nick is cos I am doing 2 papers on the slimming phenomenon and Marie France for my Critical Discourse Analysis paper and Feminism paper la. :)

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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Bits and pieces

It being Justin's 22nd birthday yesterday, we sort of celebrated it by going for a seafood buffet dinner at Cafe Vienna at Royal Plaza on Scotts. It was nice to dress up (ok so we didn't really dress up) and go to somewhere nice for dinner (if you've had hall food, you'd empathise) for a change :) People who know us know that we connect mainly through food *sob* and it was so last night ;) Fresh fish, oysters, crayfish, prawns, lotsa veggies (he refused to touch the lovely salad I made for myself), sushi, sashimi, bread, curry dishes, roast lamb, desserts - you name it :)

Happy Birthday dear - if you read this...haha :)

Attended my American Law class this morning and walked away feeling slightly confused. We were discussing gay rights this morning which led to one guy openly confessing that he is gay and voicing his concerns, discussions about morality, social majority....yadayada ..... which led me to thinking - as a Christian we have always been brought up to believe that homosexuality is not within God's word and hence it is 'wrong'. But then , as you study more and become more of an 'academic' - you become so open to many studies and opinions that you can't help but see the OTHER point of view. I do have friends who are gays and they are perfectly normal men. And I get irked to a certain extent when I mention this to certain friends and they get all *ewww* and *what's wrong with your friends*.

But back to my confusion. Where does a Christian stand at this juncture? Yes we do not criticise the person but rather, the behaviour - but when we are actually face to face with the person - his sexual orientation IS him - how do we actually only face 'the person' and not 'the behaviour'? As friends, are we supposed to 'gently prod' him to thinking that his behaviour is not right and that he should change? Some people may criticise me for this but I do believe in gay rights and I see no reason why a person should be viewed differently and in an inferior light, like a victim, just because of their sexual orientation.

Gah. But rest assured, my faith in God is still there - just that I suppose this is the time when I need to read up more about this :)

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Friday, October 08, 2004
Why I can't fit into anything.

And THIS is why I can't buy reasonably priced, non-label clothes in Singapore - check out the sizes for S M and L yea?

Depressing I tell you.

On second thoughts, I shouldn't be pissed cos everyone is smaller.

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The song that makes me go *awwwww* everytime it plays...

But you can't see it. Cos it doesn't show up!

It's one of Andy Hui's super-romantic-you-are-the-only-woman-for-me kinda songs.

I had painstakingly typed the lyrics into this page. But it wouldn't show up.


But it really makes me go *awwwwww*.

Right - senseless.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Me alive yea?

Meng (WYE Meng, not EH's Aik Ming) says I never updated woh....

Things been pretty mundane - just papers and tests and more papers. The only exciting thing that I read was probably this and this.I bumped into the former thanks to my research on feminists who support porn. I actually read the latter in The Star earlier. Yucks.

I was dangerously doubting my choice of major earlier this afternoon. Dr. Chng emailed me to tell me that I've 'done pretty well for the test' and whether she could circulate it to the class with her comments. She didn't indicate which class but I suppose it's for CDA cos I've definitely screwed up my American law test what with my weak arguement about men's vested interests in the abortion issue. Considering that that email came after my horrendous grade for my Feminism Theory test and not-as-great-as-I'd-want-it-to-be grade for the Romanticism essay - man was I thinking hard!

Yeah I've had my less than fair (hehe) share of good results in Lit - but my interest is definitely there. For E lang - I avoid all technical stuff and smoke my way through the 'social linguistics' classes. Maybe that's why I tend to do better?

Then again - it's just a 15% test. I should just use it as an incentive to work harder and even harder for my lit classes! *damn I sound like I am writing an essay for SPM Moral paper*

I don't usually do this but in response to the comments in the earlier posts:

Sihui: yeah there are loadsa differences all right - hoping to make it the same soon!

Serene : I am doing good! But miss going for classes with you!

Sarah: yours is Xanga right? I have no idea how you can link yours to mine though :)

Ian: hehe me doing quite ok - was back a couple of weeks ago when it was your dad preaching at CGMC - I miss those youth group days!

Jeff : yoyoyo!! haha I know I look fine ;) UM is fun eh? So glad that you are doing what you are doing! I found Rinish on Friendster btw muahaha.

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