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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Last paper + Good news

Sze-Lyn has completed her final essay for Semester 2, AY 2003/04. She will now embark on a series of revision for 5 modules. Tomorrow shall be the day when she will organise her messy shelves of notes and books, categorize them in preparation for the big thing.


On a happier note, as I was about to fall asleep over my laptop whilst doing my essay in the library today (I got excuse-lar, I fall asleep easily when I am too cold and when I erm, don't have enough sleep), my phone vibrated - a lady from MOE (Ministry of Education) called up to ask me whether I was available for the MOE scholarship interview on 14th April!

For those who did not know: I was rejected right in the face last year. Literally. No interview no nothing. Just a letter informing me that I didn't make it.

Anyway - I am ecstatic! Not that I will make it for sure, but at least this interview is giving me some chance! If I get this scholarship, the following problems will be solved:

1. Less of my working years will be spent working my ass off to pay MOE what I owe them for my NUS fees.
2. I wouldn't have to worry about how to find a job for my 3 year bond in Singapore.

The only *slight* bummer was that they wanted me to take up English Language as my 'minor' whereas I would have much preferred history. More interested in it PLUS I do better in history as compared to E lang. Ah well.

But I am psyched! This is giving me more motivation to study harder for this coming killer exams ;)

Shall sleep now. My bed is calling out to me, which is too much for me to bear at 3:57am.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
A post from a girl who has a presentation this Friday and an essay due this Saturday

Observation of the day:

Today as I was on the very packed MRT, on the way back to hall after tuition (I tutor a Sec 2 girl - not ATTEND tuition class - some people have misunderstood hehe) I saw this pair of sisters that could have easily been my sister and myself 15 years ago, when I was 7 and she was 4.

The older sister was skinny (I went through an ultra skinny phase!), fair, her hair up in a half ponytail, wore glasses, and had an all-knowing smart alec look. Yes I used to look like that. Well, at least I think so. The younger sister had a bowl haircut, chubby face, slightly slanty eyes, extremely clingy onto her father, holding on to her security bolster and was hiding bashfully behind her sister's back when she saw me smiling at her. That is sooooooo Sze-Phing.

And to top it all off, they were wearing matching T-shirts with shorts and sneakers. Like what Phing and I used to wear.

This is not a post about missing my childhood. It just feels odd, practically looking at myself and my sister. I am 22 and she is going on 19 this year.

It's really, really odd.


What has been done:
American Studies essay
18th Century Essay

What has to be done:
Postmodernism and Postcoloniality presentation : This Friday
Postmodernism and Postcoloniality essay : This Saturday
19th Century essay : Next Wednesday

Exam dates: 13, 19, 20, 22, 24 April.

Argh. So many lecturers have expressed their dislike for examinations. Why not abolish them altogether in the Literature and History department? ( That 2 are the subjects are usually take, hehe)

But it's no point moaning. Shall return to my presentation preparation now.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Post DnD post.

Fullerton Hotel. Good food. Waiters and waitresses who served our every moutful. Lame emcee. Tame crowd. Thank God for the sari-clad A4 guys and the gothic-wannabes hockey girls. Headache which came later. Didn't (for once!) feel up to it for Zouk. Post-DnD supper at Lao Pat Sat (food wasn't enough to fill someone). Came back and slept on the headache.

But all in all it was fun :)

Eusoff Hall Dinner and Dance 2004

By the way, the lilies that Justin bought for me on my birthday have started blooming tonight. They look and smell lovely.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
And this was how my 22nd birthday went.....

16 March 2004, 12:05am:

Andrea, Serene, Boon, Sharon, SiHui, Siew Min, Harn Ni, Priscilla, Lionel and of course Justin were at my door singing Happy Birthday with this cake :)

Then today after school....

Gerberas and lilies ( my favourite flowers ) - courtesy of Justin :) Told the boy not to buy anything!

Then Szue Hann and Wei Hui came over with a gift - a very very pretty necklace and earrings set :)

At night, we ended up at Breks! ( they call themselves the American buffetaurant!) - food was good, we were hungry, therefore no pics....muahaha....but we stuffed ourselves silly with their salads and meat and pasta and fish and seafood and sausages and desserts and everything else!

Despite being stuffed, we managed a dessert at Bakers' Inn - shared 3 scoops of their HEAVENLY vanilla ice-cream and found out that Justin had ordered one of their equally HEAVENLY cakes in the morning :) 2nd birthday cake!!

Got back to hall, went for the MAB session for a while to bitch about Master and the ass-licking RFs ( pardon the profanity here....), settled down in Justin's room to treat myself to an episode of SaTC when

Justin brought this cake, along with the C4 guys for a little belated celebration. He had bought me a chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe! It's one of my absolute favourite cake shops and he bought me the same cake last year! Just that I didn't expect that he'd go all out to buy me different cakes to share with as many friends as I could. I was totally surprised......

Then I came back to my room to find ..

A pretty fuschia gerbera from Andrea :)

Received lots of flowers, lots of love from everyone - SMSes and ICQ and MSN messages and e-cards from everywhere. Being 22 ain't that bad after all :)

Just that I was slightly disappointed with myself at this age - when I was 18 I thought I'd be super eloquent, elegant and sure of myself at the age of 22. Now I have come to realise that no age is a benchmark and oh well - just have to work myself towards being as happy as I can!

And after a magical day - it's back to schoolwork again! Will have lotsa pics to post soon - it's DnD tomorrow night ;)

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Friday, March 12, 2004
Things I do when I have a lot of work to do:

- look at old photos and want to go home and meet everyone
- do useless online window shopping
- prepare for my essays while yakking on msn about nothing
- watch SATC - am at S6E12 now.
- blog
- think of the OTHER essay when I should be concentrating on the one at hand

In short - procrastinate-lar. I didn't label myself the professional procrastinator for nothing.

But I was looking through the pictures that I took during CNY (when I met up with the MOST people this time around) - Ling, Jia-Yi, the AMC girls, Kevin Kho and gang ( which included people whom I've seriously have not seen for EONS), Puy Jean...and I've lost count. Feels good.

Right. Should go back to my essay on the late 1980's American film representations of the Vietnam War. It's interesting. Honest - I watched 'Platoon' and 'Full Metal Jacket'. Preferred the latter - the irony, the humour, even the pessimism.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Rain rain, come again!

I am not usually a whiney girl. However, I am EXTREMELY whiney when it comes to the humid hot weather that we have been experiencing here in Singapore. It's not just Mr. Sun shining on us, it's the icky feeling of waking up with a sticky feeling all over. Showering doesn't help because you'll still feel the 'stickiness'.

That's why the rain for the past 2 days have been a welcome change. There is nothing better than to listen to music while folding my laundry before settling down to my books with amug of hot chocolate.

And I am feeling better too - found someone new for EHOC plus GAW was quite a success today :)

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