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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Don't they ever stop?

The readings I meant. GRAH. That's what I have been burying myself in these days. That and the gazillion meetings that I had to attend last week. Can't wait for all the meetings to end. Doesn't help that the MAB meetings are only starting tomorrow night.

On a happier note - went to JB with Boon on Saturday while Justin and Siang joined us later. The intention was to buy our DnD outfits and while I achieved my mission - Boon didn't :(. I initially wanted to buy this knee length cheongsum but found out later that the slit made the dress not very flattering nor was it comfortable to sit down in. So I trashed the idea and went to look for another outfit. Ended up at Metrojaya ( where I found my corset top and gold satin skirt last year ) where I tried on a lot of stuff - none DnD related while Boon tried on lots of DnD related stuff . She started off showing me an off-shoulder top which ended in us laughing cos we've never seen her wear anything like this before.

Then as she closed the fitting room door, "Szelyn, let me show you something more shocking!" And there it was - the dress that I bought finally, haha. Apparently, she saw this mermaid-tail lookalike skirt and had worn it as a tube dress for fun to show me. Little did she expect that I'd fall in love withthat effect and demand to try it on:) It fitted perfectly and I left a very happy girl :) As I've shown Siew Yee and Jan, I am going to wear my killer heels and scout for an elaborate choker to go with it.

Then again, DnD is like a fortnight away - lots of other stuff to do. I am glad that my nights are finally back to me, free for me to just kick back my shoes and, erm, do my readings ;)

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Friday, February 20, 2004
Other pics - more to come

Here are some pictures taken by a GOOD photographer with a way better digicam than mine :)

Taken on our bump-in Day 1 :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2004
When I have the time, I'll....

- snuggle up with a book other than my prescribed texts - though they are pretty good :)
- SLEEP some more
- continue with my neverending cross stitch project
- Book browse at Kino and Borders
- Window shop at Orchard and Bugis
- Visit Clarke Quay flea market again ( then again - I can do that this Sunday :) )
- swim
- run


Feeling pretty sleep deprived these few days. No thanks to my procrastinating attitude towards these 2 essays that I have to write for 19th century Lit and 18th century Lit respectively, both due tomorrow before 5pm. As of now, I am 90% done for my 19th century Lit - need to tie up the loose ends for it and do a mega editing job for it - I am way off the 1200 word limit. For 18th century, I am nearly done for the 1st part of the essay while the 2nd part of it is relatively easy. Taking a break. As I always do.

Tomorrow I shall be free! *Well....I'd have to read but ....*


Have bought a phone - Nokia 8250. It was very tempting to buy a phone with a colour screen but I figure I wouldn't have much use for it anyway. May not have 1 year warranty but I'm paying SGD160 for a solid handphone with warranty up to August 04. When I scouted the 2nd hand phoneshops, they only offered 1 month warranty for their used phones - at the same price!

Welcome back to the normal world Sze.


One thing I've noted about my Chinese class is that both the lecturer and tutor seem to be obsessive about marks. For the first 4 lectures, the lecturer would spend about 20 minutes explaining the CA component of the course, how many marks we'd get for which component etc. Then today for the tutorial, the first thing the tutor said was that tutorials amount to a total of 5% of the course, 2% being attendance and 3% being class participation. When she pressed for an answer to her questions, she'd remind us that it's worth 3%. And this idiot sitting in front of me kept answering everything. And he speaks broken Mandarin. Not angmoh Mandarin, but simply can't pronounce his words properly.

These things have never happened in my Lit classes. Which probably explains why I enjoy my Lit classes more. I fell asleep during the Chinese tutorial but I suppose I didn't miss anything either. She spent 1.5 hours just talking about the 4 tables that contained everything we needed to know about Chinese morphology. *yawn*

And it's back to the essay again. Watch me imitate Henry Fielding!!!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Need something to keep me awake!

I think I am have sleeping disorder. I sleep too much. I fall asleep too easily - that includes during lectures. The lectures can be fascinating and I can have had 8 hours of sleep the night before - I'd still fall asleep! HELP! It's when the air-conditioning gets overbearingly cold that I'll fall asleep!

Plus, last night I fell asleep while reading - like about 12? Woke up at 9am feeling super refreshed - attended my 10am lecture only to droop again halfway through the lecture. Not very good when I am at the first row of a small classroom. In the afternoon after my 1pm-2pm tutorial, I was in my room trying to formulate the structure for an essay. Needless to say - I fell asleep again. WHY?!?!

Do not suggest coffee. I come from the town known for 'white' coffee. I have about 3 packs of 30 sachets of them in my room, which I barely touch. They do not have any effect on me! In fact, they make me so comfy during a cold night that I just doze off. Not to mention I am not a big fan of coffee, thanks to my mother to forbade her children from touching coffee until we were about 16?

Tea - be it Chinese, green, fruit, floral, Earl Grey, Darjeeling - none have worked.

Someone told me that she drinks carbonated drinks like Coke to stay awake - claims it's cos of the caffeine contained within. Nah - won't work for me either - I don't drink carbonated drinks unless I am desperate for drinks.

The latest suggestion posed by Justin was Red Bull. I took a sip during DP ( Aaron bought Red Bull for the dancers ) - I didn't like it. Justin says it's an acquired taste - obviously I haven't acquired it yet.



Went for an interview for a short job assignment with Maybelline this afternoon. They are looking out for girls to be 'Glitter Girls' at a roadshow kinda thing to promote their latest lipstick, some 3D Glitter thingy.

Before you all start telling me things like "oh if you need money just tell us we'll help you out don't do these kinda part time jobs they ain't your style" - don't worry - I am doing it as a favour for a friend. Though I won't mind the donations though *wink*

Apparently we will have to be dressed in a racer back tank top with the 3D Glitter logo and a PINK cheerleader-like short skirt. With that, we are to walk around Orchard Road promoting the lipstick to the crowd. Exciting. Scary.

I don't know whether they'd take me in. The marketing officer said that she'd finds all of us who went for the interview today all right. But they might not be able to find a skirt to fit me. Muahaha. I am serious. I can't even fit into size L skirts/pants ( Darn U2 with their petite cuttings and lovely fabric ) these days.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Post Black Russian

The promised pictures

The outing at Zouk that night was good! Despite not being with my usual group of D3 girls, but was instead with the DP people - it was a great time that we spent! The fact that Zouk was sardine packed on that night didn't affect our mood much either :)

Spent the weekend at JB with my family and Justin was with us - was mostly spending time with my dad's friend who is extremely hospitable - but it was just a brief trip as my family had to go back to Ipoh.

So while spending the afternoon at JB today - I've gotten my birthday present from Justin in advance ( or so he says ) - an MNG purse which was just perfect as I laid my eyes on it. I am happy :)

And now it's back to D322, having cleaned up my room - it's time to get used to NOT having dance practices to rush off to and back to studying!!!

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Friday, February 13, 2004
It's over -or is it?

It's 11:25 pm now and I am dressed to go to Zouk for a post-DP celebration.

It was GREAT~!!!!!! Despite all those mistakes we made during piecings and rehearsals, all those criticism about lack of energy etc., the energy level was DEFINITELY there tonight and everyone was INTO it! We had an amazing audience who laughed loudly at the right places and were very very appreciative of our dances. Have received lots and lots of good comments about the production !

My parents, my cousin and his girlfriend and 5 of my CG members were there to support - in the midst of a crowd - for those who know UCC - up to the 3rd level of UCC hall! We were really psyched and having such an awesome audience really perked us up more!

Justin told me that he understands now why we keep going back to DP - it's the high you get at the end of 3 months of practices. Unlike other committees where you just do mundane stuff - this gives you a satisfaction like none other.

Will post pictures later - took loads!!!!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Well done, Eusoff.

Have never played a single IHG sport and neither have I been a regular supporter at the IHG games, mainly because of my heavy DP commitments.

However, standing amidst the sea of yellow, watching the swimming matches, cheering until I was nearly hoarse, knowing that we might just get the title back this year, and later finding out that we were just one point away - I believe that I wasn't the only one who teared.

As Sham's magnificent speech to all the Eusoff supporters after the closing ceremony, the focus shall not be on the one point, but instead to be on the hard work and the improvement that we have made this year. And judging from the sportspeople's performance, I agree with him. It was amusing as well when all of us were trying not to cry and he told us to smile. And I was looking at the final year seniors as we were singing Fighter at the top of our voices - that's the Eusoff spirit for you.

Apparently Temasek blasted "We Are the Champions" until nearly 3am that night when I fell asleep at 11pm. It's going to be our turn in August :) In case you are wondering, no I do not harbour any hatred for TH - it's just annoying.....haha.....

Anyway, it's DP tomorrow night - I am feeling tired because of the time given up but at the same time, I don't exactly want this to be my last DP either. There is a reason why Black Russian ( our production's title ) is a production and not a 'hall play' - we produced the script, earned the money, made the costumes, choreographed the dances, created our own PnP and directed our own sound and video editing. It's a product of about 100 people who are working together to make something memorable for EH. Well - that's the ideal anyway :)

We will sing Fighter tomorrow night at UCC.

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Monday, February 09, 2004
Un-put-down-able - to quote Dr. Yeo.

Dr. Yeo's my 19th Century Lit and Culture lecturer and I like her :) She may not be as eloquent or articulate as Patke or Richardson but she is Singaporean, looks relatively young and is easy to talk to. And "un-put-down-able" is one of her favourite phrases to describe her favourite books - to encourage us to read more ;)

We just had a tutorial on The Mill On the Floss ( which I enjoyed ) and discussion flowed freely throughout. Unlike other classes I had where everyone else either had a fake accent or 'undecipherable' viewpoints.


I was bidding for this 8-day-old Nokia 3100 and was horrified this morning to find out that the seller had taken the phone off the auctions - someone had probably offered to buy it at the buy price while I was sleeping last night. Darn. So now I am bidding for another 3100 at around the same price.

Please do not let me be outbidded again. Argh.


We will be supporting the IHG swimming finals later. It's going to be thoroughly exciting competition as right now, Eusoff is only ONE point behind Temasek to clinch the overall IHG champion honour. The last time Eusoff won IHG overall champion was back in 1999/2000 - it is just THIS close this year - we have to win!

Then again, this is coming from the mouth of a resident who doesn't even play any sport. But..GO EUSOFF!!!!


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Bits and Pieces

4 days to DP. Rehearsals have been good - I have been enjoying myself hugely. At the same time, I can't wait for it to be over so that I can have my 6 nights back!

Changed the layout *obviously*- decided that I had enough of the black thingy so have changed to a lighter one. It needs more pastel pink - can see some of my girlfriends shuddering now :)

To replace my handphone, I've decided to buy a Nokia 3100 off Yahoo! Auctions. Seems that it's in pretty good condition and the seller's ratings are quite good. I had a budget of $150 for a new phone but after thinking for a while, I might as well get a newer model ( cannot help it-lar, kiasu haha ) and $240 is a pretty good buy for a 3100 anyway.

No more impulsive buys sze-lyn :)

Speaking of impulsive buys ( the whole shopping thing has been started by siew yee! ) I've bought something too haha.

But it wasn't on impulse, it was a partial necessity. A long sleeved pink hued striped shirt. I bought it as part of my costume for dance but then I like it enough to wear it for the future. Though, with my current uniform of tee+jeans+flip-flops, tee+skirt+flip-flops......I'd probably won't get to wear it VERY often :)

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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Nothing cheers me up more than a fresh fuschia gerbera on my desk...

I like to call my desk a creative mess, what with the books and papers and various knick knacks. However, with a clear vase and a gerbera - it looks different instantly. Been having this 'practice' since I moved into hall. And I remember buying this vase during one IKEA trip with Ron, long long ago. Having fresh flowers in the room really brightens everything up, and I've had friends kind enough to buy me flowers when they know that I am stressed out or when they just want to cheer me up.

Known fact that I love flowers. I love them more because there is always so much that goes on behind one.


I am mean. There is this person at Temasek Hall ( our neighbouring hall with whom our hall share a love-hate relationship with, haha. The block I live in is directly opposite one of theirs) who has been blasting Mandarin pop since this morning at around 9am till about now. I don't mind Mandarin pop ( though I prefer Canto haha ) but I couldn't stand it today. So I blasted, erm, Kenny Rogers' rendition of You Light Up My Life back and the music from opposite stopped about 5 minutes later.

I hope that he/she stopped blasting because he/she had to attend a class or something.


I am stressed. I am not usually stressed out. But I think I truly am this semester. Never have I encountered endless reading lists as such, undecipherable ( is there such a word?) essay assignments and lots and lots of readings like this semester.

I need time. Lots of it. And I need to stop sleeping so much. Argh.

However much I love dance - I still can't wait for DP to be over so I can have every night to myself again. This is my final DP. I am afraid I'd cry. And I've already told Boon to STOP me from doing DP again next year. We have decided that we all would dress up and watch DP for a change next year, instead of dancing ( in my case ) or being a crew member ( in Boon's case).

This is one thing that I WILL keep to.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Neglected cross trainers and others.

I finally put on my much neglected pair of blue Nike cross trainers, donned my pink *gasp* ankle socks, RPS Interact T shirt and AMC PE shorts and went running with Sihui and Andrea. The last time I went running was for Eusoff Challenge, way back in August. Therefore, they were kind enough to take things slowly and didn't run too far away. But it was good - having been stressed and just put away everything momentarily to run against the breeze and come back for some girly talk while doing stretches.

Should do this more often.


As I've told Siew Yee, Jan and my family - Yea I've decided to take up EHOC again this year. Reason is that I loved my experience last year and I have good, efficient people to help me out this year, namely Jerraine and Sihui. Also, I am viewing this as a sort of 'investment' for my 4th year comeback - as much as I want to move out - I'd be moving out inevitably but then it'd be much cheaper and more convenient to stay in hall.

Justin won't be doing EHOC but we've discussed this and yea - we can live with it :) Correction : I can live with it. I figured that we won't be seeing each other much for the 3 months anyway. We've done that before. I mean, the not seeing each other for ages thing.

DP in 10 days time. This time last year, I was quite psyched about DP. This time around - I still love my rehearsals but I know I could put the time to better use. Suppose this IS really going to be my last DP.....I know meself too well - I'd probably go and do something like, oh, one dance next year. Itchy limbs.


It's Tuesday night - techinically Wednesday morning. 18th Century Literature and Postmodernism lectures back-to-back. I love these 2 classes but they pressure me so. Reminder to get a tape recorder soon. I am soon going to be left far far behind in Patke's lectures.

And I need sleep.

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