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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
I hate being sick

Yes I have been sick. So sick that I was practically confined to bed for about 3 days. Started on Sunday night. Everytime I got up, I'd feel as if I were one of those SIMS charactres, with my energy level bar going rapidly to the left, turning from bright green to an alarming red. Horrid. Was stuck with fever and cough and flu and the works.

I thought I was feeling better on Tuesday night and went to the Ipoh Garden East pasar malam with Jan, Pang, Paul, Keong and Cindy. Wanted to rediscover my taste buds ( i had lost my appetite for 2 days ) and to relive my weekly pasar malam sessions. No such luck. Was feeling dizzy and while everyone was complaining about the heat, I was shivering in a cardigan! Grar.

But I felt a bit better on NYE - and I went to get my long awaited highlights :)

Yeah I am happy about it :) And here are the only 2 'proper' pics I took last night during the Watchnight Service at church - the rest were all candid pics :)

Jackie and I
Phing and I

And now I *hope* I am finally well enough to erm..bake :)

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Thursday, December 25, 2003
Another thing...

... I wished Justin was with me when we were watching the Christmas presentation where practically half of the church's regular congregation (many of those who attend the Christmas celebration are those who have been away and have come home ) were involved in.

And I also know that our results were reflective of God's glory - not just purely on our own.

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Christmas 2003

This year's Christmas is vastly different from last year's, or the years prior to it. My Christmas mainly revolves around church and the many friends that I've made there, so Christmas, apart from a time of reflecting on JC's birth - it also provided the perfect opportunity for us to get together after a year.

This year, the #1 difference was that there wasn't any Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve - the #1 event that we all look forward to every year. So on Christmas Eve, I went to Peter and Angie's house - where about 20 others were there too. We had our little "Candlelight Service"where we were just gathering together to talk, play Scrabble and eventually Peter and Darren played the guitar while we sang Christmas carols - desperately trying to remember the verses beyond the 1st verse!

I took quite a lot of candid pictures that night, and the thought that came to me last Christmas came to me again. I was the youngest there and everyone surrounding me was either married or engaged or working. Newsflash :Joo Lian and KK were engaged on that day - we were all so happy for them! It was weird how I used to look up to them as role models in some way or the other - and now I am at the age that they were at. Am I being the role model for the youths? Haha maybe not :)

However, Christmas morning sorta gave me an answer to that. As we were frantically hugging everyone to wish a Merry Christmas, quite a few of the younger youths came up to me and yea, I realise that I miss my MYF days.

Unlike the usual joyous spirit we had in church during Christmas, this year's theme was more sober as in we reflected not only on JC's birth - but the reason for His coming, how He died for us. It sorta felt like an Easter service but nevertheless, I'd say that I was refreshed.

Not to mention it was good seeing everyone again. And now that everyone's back to work, I am facing another week of watching DVDs and reading at home. Heck - I enjoy that :)

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Monday, December 22, 2003
Have you ever wondered....

....about the real reason behind the white and yellow weighing scales that are always so conveniently placed at escalator entrance/exit points and grimey corners of those older shopping centres? Are they only available in Malaysia? Cos I remember them well, having been shuttled enough times from East to West Malaysia. Those which always have a "Rosak" sign on them? Those thingies which whiney kids are always whining for a 20 sen coin in order to weigh themselves on the huge scale?

Who actually weighs themselves under full scrutiny of kaepoh strangers?

What was the real reason for coming up with these public weighing scales?

Who weighs themselves while shopping?


I am home! As I was telling Steph Chu last night, I am leading a total tai-tai lifestyle. Sleeping in, lounging around, watching TV, reading, window shopping in the only 2 "shoppable" malls in Ipoh.......I am loving it :)

And I've finally decided what modules to take next semester. Again, there is the new semester's resolution : Finish all my readings! That is why I am being kiasu and starting on my readings now......plus it saves $$ buying books here......for a RM9book will cost me SGD9 as well......I am a poor student who is constantly trying to make ends meet-lah :)

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Woo Hoo I can post pics finally! For the uninformed, this is my kid/baby brother Ernie, in one of his oh-look-i-am-too-cute-for-the-camera poses. Love that kid. Will see him tomorrow afternoon.

Why am I up in this ungodly hour? I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to wake up to leave hall by 7am! So I am occupying myself by getting free hosting for my pics, checking out module info for next semester and yea, have to pack too. :)

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Sigh of Relief

Yesh results are out!

Matric No : U021542M

2003/2004 Sem 1 Examination for ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 2


CAP: 3.53

I am pretty happy with my results this semester - albeit it's not the 3.9 I obtained last sem but a 3.7, but still it has pulled my overall cap score up! Yay :) And yeah as you can see it's THE dratted Math that pulled everything down. But oh well - me vewee vewee happy!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I was sick practically entire of Tuesday. Couldn't drag myself out of bed for my 9am dance practice and neither could I go swimming with Andrea as promised. Was feeling horrible - sore throaty, feverish but not quite, general fatigue. On Monday I had slept briefly in the afternoon, slept from 930pm-1230am, slept from 3am-12noon Tuesday, and on Tuesday, as I was reading, I fell asleep again from 3pm to about 530pm!

Someone told me before that too much sleep makes you more tired. Oh well.

Anyway, on Tuesday evening, Andrea, Boon and I decided we needed to get out of hall - in my case, to get out of my room. So to Orchard we went!

As I've mentioned before, I love walking in the city, be it in the evening, afternoon or night. And the Christmas deco was so pretty! :)

Anyway, yesterday, I needed to get out of hall on my own. So after dance in the morning, I went off to Bugis and Orchard and came back 7 hours later. Short of cash - plus the thought of going to KL to shop on Friday anyway - resulted in me buying nothing save a t shirt for Justin. Then again, didn't really see anything that I particularly fancied. I'd already been to the MNG sale at JB the other day. Ok, so there was one thing I had my eye on - this pink gingham bare back halter top from Mambo. It was cheap but I didn't get it cos #1 I don't see myself wearing it ( not to school, and not really when I go out ) #2 Yeah it exposed a bit of me tummy.

Pushing away the thoughts of me being big and all that, I had a good time walking by myself yesterday. Just walking on the streets, walking from one mall to the other just to see stuff. Plus I was approached by this supposed talent scout to be a model. Haha. I turned her down because she couldn't speak English properly. Fine, call me a snob but then my theory is that no good agency would hire someone who couldn't speak English properly to just stand around and look for good looking girls right?

Anywya, it's 1:12pm now, results will be out at 3pm. Thanks to my mom's phonecall this morning enquiring about my results, I had nightmares from 930am-12noon about my results. Think in terms of Ds and Fs and a cap score of 1.12. FYI, my 1st sem I scored a miserable 3.0 and my 2nd sem I had a respectable 3.9. I just simply cannot afford to screw this sem up.

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Orchard Overdose

I was sick practically entire of Tuesday. Couldn't drag myself out of bed for my 9am dance practice and neither could I go swimming with Andrea as promised. Was feeling horrible - sore throaty, feverish but not quite, general fatigue. On Monday I had slept briefly in the afternoon, slept from 930pm-1230am, slept from 3am-12noon Tuesday, and on Tuesday, as I was reading, I fell asleep again from 3pm to about 530pm!

Someone told me before that too much sleep makes you more tired. Oh well.

Anyway, on Tuesday evening, Andrea, Boon and I decided we needed to get out of hall - in my case, to get out of my room. So

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Sunday, December 14, 2003
A whirlwind trip

Justin, Hui Siang and I left for JB right after our dance practice on Saturday, at about 6pm and Justin and I made it back to Singapore at about 6pm yesterday too. Scary - we were out of the country for less than 24 hours and it seemed like a pretty long time.

The unpleasant mark of the trip was that Justin lost his handphone. Technically speaking, it was Sihui's handphone which she lent him because HIS own handphone was not working anymore. We tried to trace but just couldn't find it - He had left it in Hui Siang's bag throughout Saturday night except for the few minutes when Chen Fei called him. It wasn't in Chen Fei's car, Hui Siang's bag nor Hui Siang's room, where we stayed for the night. Argh.

It being exceptionally cold ( I still love the monsoon season though it barrs me from going to the beach ) I had to make quite a few trips to the public toilets in various locations at JB, such as its coffee shops and shopping malls. It all reminded me again of how I HATE public toilets in any part of Malaysia. It's just disgusting beyond words.

But anyway, those were the only bad news of the trip. Otherwise, we had a good time :) We kicked off the trip with out usual dinner at the Tebrau market. Between the 3 of us, we had sambal stingray, cuttlefish with veggies, fried rice, huge butter prawns, oyster omelette and thai chicken wings. It was GOOD! And I mean it! Good! And it is probably the reason for my sore throat this morning.

Then Chen Fei came to pick us up before getting Harn Ni to join us as well. Though we were stuffed to the brim, Chen Fei brought us to one of those modern coffee shops ( like those at Ipoh Garden East back home ) to share pineapple fried rice, calamari and mamak fried noodles. I couldn't eat much then. But the guys went on strong. *respect*

The next morning, 5 of us met up again for a kuey chap brunch. The first thing I saw as I stepped into that coffee shop was a pig's tongue. An uncut one. Now don't get me wrong - I do like to eat these kinda things ( love the pork porridge back home ) but I'd prefer not to see them raw or uncut. The next thing I knew, Chen Fei informed me that he had already ordered a plate of pig's tongue for us. Needless to say, I flatly refused to touch that plate, although the rest of them were all raving about it. Yucks.

However, we ended up going our separate ways after that........The 4 of them went on to watch Infernal Affairs 3 while I went off shopping alone. I needed the time alone and anyway, I was wearing denim shorts and the cold in the cinema usually makes me fall asleep anyway. And by the way, it's a good thing that most stores don't accept Nets, cos I ran out of cash and only managed to get 2 tops :)

And yea, that is my run on commentary on my trip to JB. And it's dance again in about 10 mins time. And I pray sooooooo much that Justin's phone can be found!

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Friday, December 12, 2003
Big feet = Fast Fatigue?

That's sure how I feel these days! With dance and all that, I am wondering whether my huge bod and my size 9 feet are the reason why my feet are so sore. Then again, my theory was that my big feet help me balance my huge bod. Oh well.

Stayed up till nearly 5am last night reading Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason. Yesh, I am guilty of borrowing loads of chick lit from the Central Library to keep myself company during these cold rainy nights. Nothing beats snuggling under wooly covers after a shower with chick lit, imagining away. However, have also promised myself that I will check out Milan Kundera soon, after hearing Serene's rave reviews :)

Went to Bugis with Justin this afternoon, after my 9am-12noon dance practice. It was a good afternoon trip after a long time! I mean, yea we spend a lot of time together - lunch, dinner, FRIENDS, Ali G, computer games, Simpsons [insert long list of other TV series and films that my boyfriend the pirate has downloaded] - but nothing beats a nice afternoon out to my favourite shopping place. Though we didn't shop. Decided to pamper ourselves and had a yummy all American ( since I have never actually been in America it did FEEL like American ) lunch of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sirloin steak, salmon and MILKSHAKES at Billy Bombers. Yum.

Out intention was actually to go to Sim Lim Square to check out his list of wants ( read : microphone, good headphones, CDRs, extra hard disk space, joystick/joypad) and help his friend check out the prices for this Sony MD player model. Only ended up with 100 CDRs ( yay SATC and others ! ) and spent the rest of the time walking about Sim Lim.

But it was STILL a great afternoon. I am happy. Even though I didn't get to check out the girly stuff. Even though my feet now cries for a warm shower after another 3 hour dance session.

And darn. Forgot about dinner again. Am hungry. Shall eat.

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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Weighty Issues

Just a short one to say that I had a LONG dance practice just now - 9am-12noon with hardly any breaks. No, make it one break - a 5 min one *pant* .... but at least I can be assured that I burning calories and losing weight?!?!

Yesh. I am very obsessed about my weight. That and the way I look.

They say it's inevitable to worry about your looks when you are in Singapore. I used to deny that. Now I see how true it is. Never really had this sort of insecurities back home. Here I am surrounded by girls who whine when they weigh more than 50kg and are all wearing sizes such as XS and S.

But don't worry - I won't turn into an anorexic-food-will-only-make-me-fat-let's-go-puke kinda girl. Just want to maintain some fitness.

However, too much talk about weight and fitness makes me nervous too. *sigh* Shall go and EAT!!!!

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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Maybe next time I should just bundle myself up in about 3 layers of cloth....

Another sorta injury. ARgh. Had a blister on my foot yesterday as I was dancing and I sorta ignored it. Then today when we were doing this dance ( it's kinda hiphop+jazz+funk kinda thingy ) which involved quite a few quick spins/turns/twirls whatever you call it. Towards the end of the 2.5 hour practice, I felt something tear - about an inch of my skin just peeled off, exposing the red sore flesh underneath.

Gross. Yea. Hurts like mad too now. Have to remind myself to replenish my plasters supply.

Nothing has been going on these days but dance! I want to do all those stuff I've listed ! But last night was enjoyable.....just propping up my feet to read chick lit and feel good about all those idealistic romances :) Will pop by Ginza again to buy cheap books haha.......

Another "highlight" - have downloaded 2 episodes of "The Simple Life". Looking forward to that too. And yes ladies and gentlemen - this is how my holidays will be spent.

And *ouch* left ankle and *ouch* right foot. Another session in 5 hours time.

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