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Friday, October 31, 2003

Finals in exactly 2 weeks time. I bet this is on every single person's journal right now. Haha. But it's true! It's really true! On a happier note - I can throw away all that I've learnt in Linear Algebra 1 in exactly 18 days time. Then again, I have to cram everything that I've *supposedly* have learnt within this semester within 18 days. Depressing. And I am only revising up to matrices.

There was this bunch of people who came around hall trick-or-treating tonight. It seemed quite fun but they were, frankly, irritating. They stood outside my door telling me lame jokes : Where can you find Mickey Mouse on his ( pointing to one of them ) body? On THIS-KNEE !

I didn't know whether to chuckle politely or to just give a blank look.

Me, Andrea, Sihui and Boon watched a brainless Stephen Chow slapstick comedy in the lounge and just came back from a brainless supper session at the prata shop ( I had green tea jelly+sea coconut+atapchi dessert. Yum ). We should have more brainless nights like these.

I love spending time with the girls. Makes a lot of my not-so-nice thoughts go away.

But now is the time to grab a shower and get down to business - studying !

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

HL pissed me off last night. Well maybe not that serious but argh. He is the kind of person who goes like "oooh you should read it it's a great article !" whenever there is an article that clobbers the government.

He asked me how was my math test and I went, "Bad. Math ain't exactly my best subject"

Then he went on and on about how girls cannot be trusted post exams because in the end they will come out with flying colours anyway blah blah. I was slightly irritated. So I said, "Well, if I think I did a good paper I'd say so and likewise when I don't think I did that well."

Then he was like - oh I don't believe you, I don't trust girls about these things and blah and blah.

NOW I was more than a little irritated. So I repeated myself again. And pointed out the fact that I failed my first common test. Guess what our brilliant friend said?

"no proof, cannot tell"

This is what we call in Cantonese "lau yan da" - roughly translated as "inviting the other person to punch you"

Then he went on "Oh I thought girls were supposed to be good in Math"

I don't know why but I did - I went on telling him what was exactly in my mind - that 'supposed to be' implies generalisation, implies assumption, that with that stereotypes are born, and when you put someone under a stereotypical description, prejudices are thus formed.

He was like .... oh stereotypes are not 'born' ..... oh isn't it better to assume than to accuse?

I probably sounded stupid for arguing with him over such a small matter when I had better things to do ( such as my Civil War essay ) but I hate it when people generalise things so.

He rounded it up with this, "But it wasn't something negative that I said"

True it wasn't negative but it just bugged me that because girls were 'supposed to be good in math' and therefore i must have been lying.

I feel so puerile talking about that incident. Justin just chuckled and shook his head when I related this incident to him during lunch.

I am just THIS close to finishing my Civil War essay - but I couldn't finish it. Had a block at around 4am in the morning and fell asleep until 9:30am - just in time for tuition. I think I'd rather write my Travel Lit essay now - then review all my THREE essays later tonight.

On a happier note, Jolene has her final examination results back. Her Literature results have improved from a failing mark to a C5 - I am proud of her, and myself hehe. She is different from Justin ( another Sec 2 boy I used to tutor - not anymore ) as in she is earnest about wanting to improve in Lit and she really does study what I tell her to. Now I *sorta* know how a teacher really feels when the student makes progress :)

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

I decided to give MA1101R Linear Algebra 1 another shot today and attended the lecture for the first time in about a month. Boy how wrong was I - the LT was half empty ( I suppose when I decided to stop going for lectures, many of my classmates had the same thought as well) and the main reason why i left the lectures in the first place was Prof Ma's HK accent and the fact that he read off notes. Argh. I walked out at 5pm.

I just realised that I typed "the LT was half empty". Does that reflect my pessimism towards this module? Pretty much so I suppose.

I am really getting into the whole Renaissance thingy - have an essay on Herbert due next Friday but I am immersing myself into all sorts of extra readings which intrigue so - how am I to write the essay now that I am focussed on other things?

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Monday, October 13, 2003

What is it that makes one have more confidence than the rest? I think I used to have *that* but it's not in me anymore. Just not. Justin once told me that it'd be just great if he could see in me the confidence that I used to have. Need to build that up again.

Ah well - before THAT - need to WORK !

Dance tonight was fun - kinda hope that I'd get into this dance. Or at least a dance that would allow me to *SMILE* I loved the last DP - just that it didn't let me *SMILE*

Well..it's back to Math..

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

I feel like blogging regularly again - this is probably due to the fact that I am hugely addicted to Sex and the City ( argh midterms ! argh term papers ! argh everything ! ) and I've become more sensitive to things happening around me, and I feel the urgent need to write them down.

Like last night for instance, Justin and I were out with Robin and Brandon. We were talking about something that I just felt compelled to write in here - but I forgot what it was.

But yea, as I was saying - I want to blog regular - haha.....shall see how long I will keep this mini resolution - along with my resolution to finish my Marvell essay on the 15th, American History term paper on the 19th and Travel Lit essay on 23rd.

I am seriously scared about schoolwork now. Will. study. hard.

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