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Monday, September 15, 2003

Haven't been blogging for some time - taking a way too long breather from completing my essay which is due 3pm tomorrow..

Had tech class today with Jane and Wanqing. It was fun. Being in the dance studio today, doing all the familiar stretches, the familiar warmup songs, the mirrors, the leg warmers - I love it ! I never thought myself as one to love dance so much but I do ! Ben just asked me whether I wanted to do contemporary this year - it'd be fun to try something new but then I don't think I am flexible enough nor good enough for contemp. Though I am definitely more flexible than when I first started :)

Missing Justin tonight - in fact more so this afternoon. He'll be back tomorrow night :) Hope he had a refreshing time back home..

Back to the essay for me..

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The Ultimate Personality Quiz: Your Results
Your type: Girl Next-Door

As a Friend:
Always ready with a listening ear or a heartfelt compliment, you know the meaning of true friendship and loyalty, and your mates know it. Although you’re hesitant till you know people well, you’re affectionate, open and warm with people you trust. You have a close circle of core friends, ‘n’ you'll do anything for 'em. Caring, thoughtful and good-hearted, people know they can count on you to be around when they need you, and you take pride in being a good friend. A genuine and sincere person, you are a giving, trustworthy and steady pal.

At School:
You’re well-read and curious about the world, your grades reflect your intelligence. Easily intrigued, you’re constantly reading, listening, watching and finding new ways to challenge your mind. You do well at whatever you put your mind to, and teachers say you’re a diligent and conscientious student. Subjects like history and geography probably have the most appeal to your analytical mind.

In Love:
Natural and unpretentious, you’re friendly but not intentionally flirty. Videos and snacks on the couch with a nice bloke is your ideal date, and most guys are over the moon to find a gal they can hang out with and just be themselves. Don’t settle for less than you deserve though, hon. Your sweet and undemanding manner can sometimes makes you vulnerable to being taken for granted, so make sure you don’t put up with any mind games. Once you find the right guy, you’ll be your man’s best mate as much as his girlf, and your loving nature will make him want to hang on tight and treat you right.

Your Career:
You're an ambitious and reliable lass, who likes to gather all the facts before coming to an informed decision. Observant, focused and dedicated, you can tell the difference between fact and opinion easily. You’d make a fantastic journalist, doctor or nutritionist.

Deep Down:
Living a stable life and helping other people are your most important goals. You set high standards for yourself and other people, which means that you sometimes get down on yourself and are easily hurt and offended. You’re gentle, responsible and organised, but you can be cautious or even a little afraid of changes and new experiences. Sometimes this makes you feel too 'normal', and you wish there was a little more drama in your life. Try not to turn down new experiences out of habit; trying new things can help you feel stronger and more confident, and you might discover a great new friend or hobby.

I never thought myself as the girl next door type but yeah the thingy is pretty accurate :)

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