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Thursday, June 26, 2003

I'm a Bluemarine girl!
Bluemarine: Soft and subtle and definately
feminine. You are classy and cute with a
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

I am convinced, fully convinced now that the way hall people run things are way way more efficient than non-hall people. I found that after this 2 weeks of EHOC work, I have become so so sensitive towards all the nitty gritty of programmes, which is TOTALLY in contrast with the disorderly manner the NUS deejay group meeting was held just now. I suppose I have been used to having a lot of stuff formally done by now. However, at the meeting just now, the head's handphone rang and he talked on the phone right in front of us, things were planned with no budget in mind, with all kinda wild things flying around.

Oh well - I am just being picky I suppose.

Miss Justin loads right now. Would do ANYTHING for one of his massages now. been really tired - think I'll skip the BBQ at Ming Hui's house tomorrow.

On another note - EHOC's side effects - I am having a bad tendency to initialize everyone's name...

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Monday, June 16, 2003

Boy...it's been long since I logged in.

All right, so in my last entry I was ranting about not getting to go home - now I am pretty settled in hall for the holidays, horrific as it may have seemed initially...

I DID go home......that mere 5 days but it was better than nothing for me......hate to say this but having grandma and the kids and may yee there kinda spoilt my 5 day holiday back home. Usually when I go home, it's so relaxing - would just slowly wake up in the morning, help mom out around the house a bit, tease ernie a bit, then in the afternoon, we'd all go out to eat ( yes that's one of the perks of Ipoh! ) and shop and buy groceries for dinner while dad will come back in the evening with good Sitiawan seafood.....but was that exactly what I had ? No !!!!! Whiney kids ( My Ernie is like an angel next to them !) plus a very loud grandma was not in my ideal holiday home ! But.....oh well......I'll be seeing my family again next weekend when I go to KL for a 'shopping spree' ( quoting Mom ) with them ! Justin might just come along since I am enticing him with the good KL food ! Not that it's that great ( haha...compared to Ipoh ) but it is good too ( salivating over Old Klang Rd chee cheung fun and Petaling Street desserts.......

Oh and my results were good ( at least for my standards ;) ) :
Asian American Literature A -
Reading American Texts B
Environmental Biology B
Identity and Western Literature B+
The Nature of Language B+

I was thrilled ! Gonna study extra hard !

EHOC has started. I quite like the working atmosphere in there - professional and disciplined. Yeah preparing proposals can be tiring but when I think of the actual orientation period itself, I get quite excited !

All the Malaysian raggers are greeting each other outside - sounds quite exciting haha.......part of the reason why staying in hall during holidays is so fun is because of them all - really really enjoy staying with them - Eric Chyan Miau next to me, Su Leen on the other side, then down the wing is Chen Fei and Hui Siang and Harn Ni and Siew Min :)

Which brings me to my new room next semester - my wing will consist of ME :) , Jerraine, Serene, Siew Min, Harn Ni, Jane, Sharon, Boon, Shu Min, Andrea,Si Hui, Angela and Priscilla. Should be really fun ! I am so looking forward to it !

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