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Monday, March 31, 2003

Haven't updated for quite a long time......life has been going on as per normal ..... it scares me to think that there actually isn't anything noteworthy anymore?

Anyway, DnD was fun. Though I had expected it to be 'more'. Then again, I can't say what is the 'more' part. I tried explaining to Boon yesterday. Argh. But I couldn't.

Looking at my 'What Month Should You Have Been Born in Test'. Seems pretty apt. That's scary. I actually needed a machine-generated test to put my personality in words.

Thinking a lot these days. But I am glad that apart from thinking I am also working too. But the thinking part really brings me down at times. It just confuses me and makes me doubt a lot. I've gotta find a way to fill this empty part of me that is longing for something that I once had.

I am becoming more demanding. I am becoming more uncaring. I am becoming more insensitive. I am becoming the girlfriend that I said that I'd be.

Heck, I already am all these.

Yet, I can't voice them. Thing is, I am afraid that what Peter said during November is coming true. Maybe it IS coming true but I don't want to sit down and face it.

The stars have been out these few nights. I so wanted to stand and just stare at them. But it'd be a bit weird doing that on the main bridge. But these few nights have been really pretty nights.

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Monday, March 17, 2003

Yup. Me. Full fledged 21 year old. Hardly seems plausible. But tis the truth and nothing but the truth !!!!

My birthday celebration was lovely :) Justin booked a table for us at Prego that night and we had a goodie good dinner.....after which we went to Esplanade and then our place ( thank you dear...I miss our spot ). During the last hour or so of our outing, his phone couldn't stop ringing with messages and I thought that he was due to go back to do some work or so. He kept insisting no. As we got back to his room....he surprised me with this huge bouquet of lilies and baby's breath and a purple....rose look-alike?

We went back to my room to find Sarah, Joyce, Yung Shin, Wern Hui, Cindee, Chenfei, Huisiang, Leoel and Chyan Miau inside...they had lighted my entire room with lots and lots of tealights and a cake and scribbled ( with glass paint I strongly suspect ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SZE complete with flowers on the wall above my windows. It was not since the night at Jia's house when I was 15 had I had a surprise like this :)

In the meantime, I received lots of SMS-es......people in hall.....and PuyJean, Alvin, Kevin, Peter, Jin Cherng, Daniel.........

Thank you you guys......for making my 21st ( albeit away from home ) so special and memorable.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Things coming up:
1. Eusoff Idol ( 17/3)
2. Talentime ( 18/3)

Deadlines / Things to do :
1. Study EL1101E
2. EHOC proposal (19/3)
3. Do lots of essays. Yeah. Three. Still a lot what.
4. Ridge article and editing this time round?
5. Help out with ECF presentation. ( That's another long story which I choose not to go into )
=and that's just for the coming 1 and a half weeks=

Things that I really want to do:
1. Go home.
2. Go gai gai with Justin.
3. Read and read and read the wonderful books I see in the library but can't cos of the many other stuff I need to read.
4. Do cross stitch.
5. Read and read the wonderful stuff I have discovered online about Shakespeare.
6. Find out more about European history.
7. Go home.
8. Play with Ernie ( I suppose that ties in with #1 and #7 but oh well )
9. Lie down and talk nonsense with Justin.
10. Go and talk nonsense with Boon and Jane.
11. Go home.
12. Go home.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Last week was bad. Had a lot of schoolwork and the bouts of homesickness were getting very very frequent.

But I suppose Shakespeare was right. Things started getting better. Yea I got into EHOC and attended the first meeting last night. Quite like the atmosphere, albeit the strictness and all that. Hopefully will have more time to devote to schoolwork after Talentime is over as well. EVC has wrapped up with GAW on Tuesday, drama has Eusoff Idol on the coming Monday and Culture Comm has Talentime next Tuesday. Yay !!

It's very scary to see how a semester is going past me like that again. Determined. to. do .well. if. not. better. this. time. around.

And yea tuition has started....his name is JUSTIN. He can be quite irritating...with his incessant whining and complaining. I have a feeling..in fact I am pretty sure....that his parents are the type that just chuck his schoolwork to school and tutors.....they hardly check on his progress I think. He tells me about copying homework and stuff without his parents' knowledge. Kids these days.......

I sort of feel more focussed these days. Certain things still affect me to a certain degree but not as much as before anymore. But still sorta feel bad....grr..don't know....anyway me looking forward to JB shopping trip with Boon and possibly Jane and Sharon as well. With my current financial situation...there is no way I can get something for DnD in Singapore......plus I like Tangs in Pelangi Plaza :)

Gah. Boo. Prepare for 2112. Booooooo

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

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""Which cocktail are you?""

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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Haven't realy been feeling like blogging these days. Not quite sure why.

Last night's bash.....frankly.....was kinda boring....tried to get into the mood but somehow couldn't. Too tired? Or is it true that people really do need drinks to get going? Then again, the drinks were........understooded.........but I was so tired last night in the cab that I could barely talk.......think Sarah would be pissed cos I didn't talk to her....I was only mumbling to Sharon......went back to my room and so wanted to sleep right away but told myself I HAD to get the disgusting smoke smell outta my clothes ! Took a shower and plopped to bed.

Justin came in later to get his stuff and all that......but I was too tired too......

Woke up to find that it was already noon. Darn....missed lunch with Michelle. But have arranged to meet up with her tomorrow instead. Went to Clementi for lunch and some grocery shopping with Justin. It was an afternoon all right. He somehow got chilli into his eyes....poor guy.......it was all red and swollen. But it's all right now. And my body HAD to choose that very moment to get menstrual cramps. Dang........hate it......it's like that day I caught the fever while I was at Parkway....grr......

Anyway....came back and slept and slept and slept. Just finished the final edition for my EL project ( darn Kelvin.....it was Terence and I who did everything ) ..... printed it....yay can put it in Mark's mailbox tomorrow.......will be working on the stupid Hamlet vs Oedipus essay tonight..........Have to study for AA Lit test by tonight as well..........Pushpa just called about the tutorial presentation......convinced her that this coming week was not ours.......have to prepare resume for EHOC interviews....talk to Stephanie........go after Culture Comm people about Talentime ( Steph says I am too kancheong about it....perhaps I am ) ...... work on presentation on Chinamen with Joyce.......finish article by tonight......where are the pics from Elliot??,.......argh it's not too much but it's enough.

Oh yeah....was elected Lifestyle desk editor for 2003/04......initially wanted to run for the post of secretary ( Dian's post seemed pretty slack and have the experience anyway ) but I was the only person from LS present so it only seemed reasonable that I run for the post. Plus, they put the post for secretary last. I suppose in the Ridge, it's all about being seen at the right places at the right times. I suppose I got elected cos Aaron and Satiya knows me and the rest of the ed board have seen me around bazaars and stuff like that. There were a couple who got more NO votes than YES simply cos their commitment were questioned. Quite scary. And Aaron IS sexy :) in a cute yuppie way. But my dear is that and more :) ( and it's not cos I know you are reading this Justin :) ) Satiya's chief ed but she might be going back to the States.....hope she stays......JX sounds a bit scary when he starts talking about wanting to embarass and shoot down NUSSU in every issue.

I want to go home. I miss everything about home like mad. Still feel boxed in here but I suppose the amount of work that I have now sort of lessens that feeling. I have to work on my jealousy problem too. Thing is I don't think it's jealousy. But I can't put it in words. And dear, it's not you....don't worry.... :)

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See which Greek Goddess you are.

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