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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Okay so the results are out. Not entirely happy with it but was surprised by Chinese Studies which I got a B+ and Literature with a B.

Moral of the story ? Work HARD and HARDER next semester !!!!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

These days I am so happy with Justin that it scares me.......................

But still, I am blissfully happy :)

Had a sort of talk with Sarah last night. Right now I think the problem lies within me.........I have always had this problem with forgiving......God....You'll help me won't you?

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Monday, December 16, 2002

Okay, have met Justin's family. Been spending quite a few days with them now. It seems a little scary at times to think of things progressing so fast. But I love him.

I know I shouldn't be bothered so much. But I am. The things she says...I know she doesn't mean them. It's just me being not understanding........

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I think I am falling sick. There is a throbbing pain in my right ankle. I am tired.

Why ?

Maybe it's cos of dance practice. Maybe it's cos I felt bad about not being able to catch on today's 8 steps and am too tired right now to try them out.

Met up with tai lou tonight. Stupid boy...haha...love seeing him.....he ... like Kevin...always manages to make fun of me and yet I still feel good about them cos I know these are the 2 people who truly care about me. Whatever they have gone through after leaving Ipoh, I am going through it now....all that they have mentioned....and that sort of brings us closer together.

Sat in front of Taka catching up about the KL people with Al. Apparently Alicia and Calvin and Nicky are coming to Singapore this weekend. The whole bunch will be going clubbing with Del this weekend. Dont' think I'd want to join them.......Only know Alvin and Alicia well.......

A lot of things have happened to the KL people as well.......can't believe that Shiau Ferng and Nicky broke up. I suppose it only goes on to show that relationships between a schoolgirl and an older guy is prone to be like that? Then again......Nicky apparently initiated the whole thing. And it's been 3 months. I remember the last time they broke up it was for one day.

Anything can happen I suppose. That scares me. And that makes me cherish Justin even more I guess.....

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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

brought to you by Quizilla

I SWEAR ..... I did not cheat !! Hehe.......

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Friday, December 06, 2002

Just got back from meeting up with Kiat, JooLee and JooLian. At first I thought that I'd be quite left out but it was a GREAT night out with them. I suppose it's always Bernard that makes me feel awkward cos he hardly acknowledges me and everytime we go out it's always KK that is always with me.

Anyway tonight we met up at the CityHall MRT.....walked to Esplanade.....stopped a while there....then went on to Gloria Jean's.....JooLian was telling us how Darren proposed to Jennifer....the true story behind everything ..... it was really really funny !! Stupid MY !! Then again....it's so so so so him !

Then we went on to Justin's and my place at the Fullerton Hotel. At that point.....I missed him so so so so much !!! Anyway...we were there having a nice .. can I say gossipy?? Haha......time.......talking about everyone back home.....exchanging news and all that....about James.......the usual......Jackie.....Pete.....Mun Yip...Jan......

At that point I really felt like I was back at Coffee Passion.....of sitting at the badminton court of CGMC....

And also one thing about Kiat....he really does care for me a lot a lot........keeps making sure that I am adjusting fine......and I love talking to him....he never judges.....gives all his spiritual brotherly advice....but yet he is very practical .... and is still absolutely upright.

Think I am going to spend my weekend with them....

Tonight was so so so so nice compared to my daytime......Ron asked me to cook dinner with him tonight....so I went over with my pasta stuff......he cooked pork chops and made toast and scrambled eggs. HuiSiang had dinner with us and then after that we just lazed around C1 and talked.

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Today is the day I really feel lonely. I don't exactly know why.

Went out with Eugene yesterday. It was quite fun...considering it was the first time we were going out after talking online for nearly 2 months. Haven't been to Orchard for a long time and it was nice going out to see stuff and all that.

Then at night had dinner with Chenfei and went for the newest Bond film. Not much of a storyline but I liked it.

And at the same time missed Justin like anything...............

Maybe it's cos I don't have anything to do. Don't really feel like going out. Don't want to do the puzzle cos I want to wait for Justin.

*sigh* maybe I should have brought my pattern book to Raffles MRT today to get thread to start a new project. Now it's raining and by the time I get there it'd be too late.

Did up the wall today. Covered up the old marks. It's a huge jumble of posters and colours. Then again....it's me......

And tonight....don't feel like eating ... it's like what Chenfei says.......just too lazy to eat I suppose......

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Just came back from a trip out with Chenfei. I wanted to go to the cross stitch shop at the Raffles MRT to get something for Jennifer and Darren's wedding next year. At the rate of how things are going now, if I start on a cross stitch project now, I'd just be in time for their wedding. I wanted to make a Precious Moments wedding picture. Thing is, it was really expensive....about more than $60 each. Wondering why....I looked carefully.....they included the whole original pattern book into the pack. No wonder.

Oh well...

It seems like it's going to rain again.....but my room is still hot...have to figure out what to do between now till 9:30pm. Had a heavy lunch so I suppose I'll skip dinner tonight.....CF's having a get-together to eat tonight anyway.....

Despite missing Justin like mad, I am still enjoying my few days here so far....it's the feeling of being alone but not lonely. I love these few nights when I am just alone in the room, piecing the jigsaw, completing the gift, chatting online, spending time with God,......just being alone......that's why I sleep much later these days...

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Monday, December 02, 2002

I am so so so glad that I am not in those dances in what we call the 'ballet-ish' dances......my skin was literally peeling off as we were doing piruoettes for Sofyan's opening dance.

Mental note : GET LEG WARMERS !!!

Had lunch with Penny and Rebekah today. We were talking about the 'exclusiveness' that went on in the IHG teams and also that kind of politics that goes on at E2. Penny is really feeling it as she is smack in the middle of everything. Like me, she also thought that the IBG season was good in a sense cos everyone was getting together as a team and maybe the segregation would be less. But no.......And I thought I was the only one who felt that E block had problems.

Oh well.....

Have the whole day free now. Feel like going out. But don't know where to.

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Sunday, December 01, 2002

The freakiest MRT experience happened today at 7pm. I boarded the MRT from Changi Airport ( after unsuccessfully trying to see Justin before he left for Kuching ). What I didn't prepare myself for was that the Indian man next to me started to get a little freaky. After sitting next to him for a couple of minutes, I could tell that he was drunk. Tried to find another seat but there was a huge crowd on the MRT today.

To cut the story short, he was sleeping on his seat and started kicking my suitcase. Later, he tried to lie down and I couldn't take it anymore. Got off at Bugis and hopped onto the next train. Ugh.

Came back to a pleasant surprise from Justin. I love you dear !!

An email from the Office of finance says that I owe them $210. Huh????? gotta check it out tomorrow. Should be for holiday stay......Ish....and Dad just gave me money......

Eating noodles now. The last time I ate was 12:30 and I should be hungry by now. But I am not.

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