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Thursday, October 05, 2006
And so it is.

Go pick up a picnic basket today!

New site la.

Still under the fiddling stage, though.

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Monday, September 18, 2006
Cos I am already sick of NIE canteen food

3-4 Strips of chicken breast marinated in honey mustard marinade- steamed and cut into bite-sized pieces.
4-5 leaves of lettuce, torn(?) into bite-sized pieces.
2 button mushrooms, sliced and cooked briefly in the microwave.
1 stalk of celery, chopped, which will yield you about a handful of celery pieces.
As much raisins as you like!

After 2 days of peanut butter jelly wholemeal sandwiches, I decided to pack my own salad today, and it was YUMS!

Yes, I am still in school ...

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Still learning, after all.

A comment to a friend a couple of weeks ago:

When you are 21 you feel like you are such an adult and you know everything. But when you hit about 23 or 24, you go WHAM BAM, s*** I know nothing at all!

And that, is an everyday experience for me.

That's why I am still learning...
..to tolerate the insufferable people
..to not label these people as insufferable
..to count to ten when I feel the fuse burning dangerously
..to not procrastinate
..to remember the optimism I had when I was 21
..to also remember Anne Shirley's "Tomorrow's a brand new day with no mistakes in it yet"
..and to stop wearing my 39baht pink-and-white slippers on a rainy day for they have indeed made blue-black THE fashion statement for me. I am so going to grow up to become a rheumatic old lady.

I don't know everything. And secretly, I am glad for that.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

1 individual assignment and 2 group projects within this month.

More to come in October.

*takes deep breath*

Can be done.


And it helps with a quite-booked week ay?

Tonight was stay-in dinner where I made Japanese beef curry with potatoes and carrots and onions (okay, so I used the packaged sauce :P), stir-fried french beans and button mushrooms and erm, fried egg with soya sauce as per Mr. Kho's request via SMS at approximately 4:40pm.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Yuan Yuan! Haven't met that girl for like 2 years, perhaps? I've lost count!

Wednesday night is dinner with the D3 girls :)

Thursday night is cell group with a bunch of new found friends who seem very nice indeed.

And I've lost count of what I am supposed to do this weekend.

My brain cells are seriously shrinking, which is a complete mystery as:
1. I am a teacher-to-be, damnit!
2. I've been eating up books. 2-3 books per week. Don't ask my how or why. Blame it on the Singaporean transport system.

Anyway, the truth of my shrinking brain is evident in my newest made-up lame joke:
"Man...I really need to Peeeeee .... I hope there is no Queue inside."

Really, ladies and gentlemen, hold your laughter. For only Justin guffawed heartily when I told him while other people merely did a polite chuckle or went like "OMG Sze you are completely mad!"

Nothing beats this friend of mine who continued by saying:
"aRe you quite sure of that? Don't be such an aSs! You must have had too much Tea!"

I am so closing down this blog when I begin teaching. I don't want no 16-year-old young punk reading all this junk about his Lit teacher, ho ho.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

1 Tuesday night
2 weeks since we've met up
3 hours of girly chatter
4 ... (can't think of what to say here la)
5 girls
6 scoops of Ben and Jerry's ice cream

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And oh, someone has finally noticed.

It's a complete embarrassment to the country if you ask me. Just a couple of weekends ago, when Justin and I were leaving JB, there were A4 sized paper stuck to the various counters with this hand-scrawled message on it:
"Komputer rosak. Jalan terus."

Big joke I tell you.

Oh, for the Malay-illiterate, it means "Computers down. Just walk through this shack which is disguised as the Johor immigration checkpoint exit cos frankly, we don't really care if you are some fugitive who is trying to flee the country".

Justin and I always have this conversation whenever we leave the JB checkpoint. And we came to a somewhat conclusion that weekend:
- Foreigners will complain but it's no big deal to them cos it's just a one off experience for them.
- Singaporeans will complain but they'd just attribute it to how Malaysian it is, cos, of course, most things/people Malaysian is backward anyway.
- Malaysians won't complain cos they never do cos they have been conditioned either to live with things as it is or to understand that all complaints will fall on deaf ears anyway.

Happy Merdeka :)

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Monday, August 28, 2006
So, stuff have been happening

But it's too long and too much for you to know.

Justin and I were in Ipoh for the weekend and boy, did I miss home. I miss the routine of lazing at home, yumcha-ing and doing other taitai activities with my mom in the afternoon, another round of yumcha at night with Jan and Keon and everyone else.

Can I do that in December?

Oh, and I got myself a haircut. Which looks like this:

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Man I want to be as hot as she is at that age.

Comments on the haircut have included "spunky" and "you look younger!"

So I guess it's a good thing :)

But no I will not wear cutesy hairbands.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
The only thing that kept me from bursting out in laughter...

Was the fact that I was in the NIE library.

Check this out:

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There is more to this picture of course, with the pertinent details like time/venue/date/the fact that you can get a goody bag, etc.

Matchmaking teachers with navy men. Hmmm.

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Monday, July 31, 2006
Broken Bridges, anyone?

Thinking of catching Broken Bridges, at KLPAC.

Anyone? I am looking at Serene hur hur. Think: weekend of food, shopping AND a play. And join us, if we DO go! I am looking at one of the Sat nights :)

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And so it is.
Cos I am already sick of NIE canteen food
Still learning, after all.
1 Tuesday night 2 weeks since we've met up 3 hours...
So, stuff have been happening
The only thing that kept me from bursting out in l...
Broken Bridges, anyone?
Weekend, good.
When shall we three meet again?


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